DOT Weight Loss And Wellness - Beware DOT Weight Loss of Littleton Colorado!!!!

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Beware this company!!!!They lure you in with a Groupon offering unlimited weight loss and supplements for 6 weeks.

You get there and they weigh and measure you and offer you some sample menus. That's all you get for what you paid, which you could find for free anywhere. Then they high pressure sell you VERY expensive ($103 for a month supply!!!) supplements that they promise are the best you can find anywhere, and you can't get them anywhere else. Total ripoff.

They didn't do what they said (give energy, stop cravings or help me lose weight). I am very familiar with supplements and these were not good at all. After trying for two weeks I explained the problem and asked for a refund, or store credit, or to trade them for another product they had that I did like. Very reasonable.

They refused and said I needed to try them for the full six weeks (another common scam).

This company has poor products, poor service and does bait and switch scams with their Groupons.Beware!!!!!!

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